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Harper and Hound

Lytham St Anne's


Welcome to Harper and Hound, Lytham

We are a dog grooming salon based in Lytham St Anne's, UK, a beautiful area with a huge collective love of dogs.

We believe that you cannot have enough canine-themed items, but first, our planned H&H Starter Packs will get you off to a sophisticated start as a new dog-owner.

Please send your suggestions as to what you would like to see in our new puppy packs

If you are looking for something for a new dog-owner, stop right here, your gift will be a welcome present for any new puppy-parent, or rescue hero. 

Just click on the links above to decide which ones you want

*please note the shopping site is currently under construction - Shopping items

 are not yet available. Grooming appointments may be made by telephone, email or Facebook.

Send your suggestions!

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