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Grooming & Care

Let Harper and Hound care for your furbaby!

Of course we offer a full groom, but will also offer a basic wash, dry and brush through if your playful pet has been on the beach or rolled in the mud - great for in-between grooms and freshen ups!

Prices start from £17 for a puppy intro groom


Full Grooms:

Small Dogs - from £20

Medium Dogs - from £25

Large Dogs - From £35

Extra Large Dogs - From £45

Handstripping: From £40

Basic Grooms:

From £15 - £35 Depending on size

*Please note all prices are dependant on style; coat condition and temperament. An extra fee will be charged for matted coats and on discovery of fleas/ticks as these have an impact on equipment. 

Card Payments accepted

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